Air Supplied Suit (Tank Suit)

The Air Supplied Suit (Tank Suit) is a "non gas-tight" suit designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external compressed air source providing positive pressure. The Air Supplied Suit (Tank Suit) features a durable rigid PVC visor giving a high degree of undistorted vision and sufficient exhalation valves that are fitted to ensure the pressure change within the suit does not exceed 1mbar in 1 minute.

  • 122cm (48”) Heavy-duty gas-tight zip, positioned down the right hand side of the suit, closing at the top
  • Respirex™ locking cuff system with reinforced cuffs
  • Leg options: elasticated inner and outer legs with elasticated stirrups, sock foot or detachable Kemblok™ boots
  • Audible warning device designed to activate if the airflow drops below the minimum required to maintain CO2 below 1%
  • Adjustable waist-belt supports the air system and is fitted with a foam back pad for increased comfort
  • Air distribution block with twin breathing hoses to either side of the hood and cooling hoses to wearer’s arms and legs
  • Three-point hanging attachments
  • Pigtail yellow PVC 3/8” bore air-hose, terminating in a ¼” NPT male thread
  • Exhalation valves ensure that the suit maintains a comfortable working pressure
  • Available in a wide variety of fabrics
  • Required airflow: 360 l/m (12.7 cfm) (min) to 440 l/m (15.5 cfm) (max)


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