High Voltage Protection

Our dielectric boots should be used where there is a risk of electric shock from high voltages. They are suitable for live working on high voltage installations such as sub-stations, overhead line-clearing, excavating or boring close to live cables, electric/hybrid vehicles and electric railways and transportation.

Dielectric Boots

The Respirex Dielectric Boot is an electrically insulating dielectric boot with an integral ste…

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Dielectric Maxi Overboots

A Class 1 (EN 50321-1:2018) electrically insulating dielectric overboot with a vulcanised rubbe…

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Dielectric Compact Overboot

An electrically insulating dielectric overboot approved to current ASTM standards (F 1117)

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Dielectric HV3 Boots

A Class 3 AC (EN 50321-1:2018) electrically insulating dielectric boot with an integral steel t…

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Dielectric HV3 Maxi Overboots

An electrically insulating class 3 dielectric overboot which provides protection of up to 30kV …

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