Air Supplied Hood NIOSH Approved

The Air Supplied Hood Respirator has Type C Continous Flow Class NIOSH Approval No. TC-19C-327. Protecting against airborne contaminants that are not immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH), the suit features four different material options with the choice of two visor designs: a durable, rigid PVC visor providing a high degree of undistorted vision or a lightweight, transparent PVC hood with reinforced seams enabling unobstructed 360° vison.

  • Under collar neck seal standard, with optional drawstring neck seal
  • PVC Hoods feature 360° soft visor; Neoprene hoods incorporate a rigid wraparound visor
  • Three-point hanging attachments
  • Adjustable waist-belt with back pad
  • Air distribution block with twin breathing hoses to either side of the hood.
  • Pigtail yellow PVC 3/8” bore air-hose, terminating in a ¼” NPT male thread
  • Required airflow: 170(min) to 280(max) L/min


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