Foodmax LV Dielectric Boot

Designed for abattoir use the Foodmax LV combines all the features of the standard Foodmax boot with electrical protection to EN 50321-1:2018 Class 0 to protect workers in areas where electrical stunning equipment is used.

  • Chemically resistant boot certified to EN 13832-3:2018 (footwear protecting against chemicals)
  • 200 Joule epoxy coated steel toe cap
  • Heat resistant sole EN 20345:2012 HRO, 60 seconds at 300°C 
  • Cold insulation to EN ISO 20345:2012 CI
  • Optional thermal liner
  • Fuel and oil resistant sole
  • Vulcanised rubber sole for improved slip resistance - 30% better than a conventional safety boot sole
  • Durable, cut-resistant vulcanised rubber sole, significantly extends working life, even in harsh terrain
  • Energy absorbing tunnel system in heel to EN 20345:2011 E
  • Superb low temperature flexibility down to -40°C
  • Blown midsole reduces weight and increases cushioning, significantly reducing wearer fatigue and risk of injury to joints and spine
  • Ergonomic cushioned insole (removable & machine washable) for greater wearer comfort
  • Seamless construction 
  • Kick-off lug


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