Frontair 2 Suit (Welders Version)

The FrontAir 2 nuclear protective welder's suits is designed so it can be worn with a three piece welder's oversuit and anti-glare shield that protects the suit from the damaging effects of weld splatter. The hood is fitted with a reinforced vision panel that reduces distortion.

The FrontAir2 is a one-piece air-fed suit designed for use in atmospheres where particulate contamination may be a hazard. This suit is designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external compressed air source providing positive pressure.

  • Air-dissipation system completely contained within the garment, that provides breathing and cooling air to the user
  • User adjustable variable airflow control valve
  • 360° swivelling airline system
  • Welded PVC gloves
  • Anti-slip feet, with ankle ties
  • Rear-entry, with double zip flap
  • Clear visor, with horizontal and vertical fields of vision
  • Six exhalation valves, fitted with covers


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