We supply specialist PPE for industries involved in the manufacturing or use of volatile chemicals including Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), Ammonia, Bromine, Chlorine gas, Phenol and Sulfuric Acid. Our PPE range covers liquid and gas-tight suits suitable for the response to spills, leaks and other emergency situations. Our re-usable chemical workwear is designed for routine work.

Products include: Jackets & Bib Pants, Neck Protection, One-Piece Suits, Air Supplied Hoods (NIOSH Approved), Air Supplied Half Suits (NIOSH Approved), Half Suits (to be worn with facemask and egress bottle), Air Supplied Suits (Tank Suits), and Gas-tight Suits, Lightweight Limited-Life GLS Suits & Chemical Protective Boots and Gloves.

Kemblok™ Chemical Compact Overboot

A chemically-protective anti-static overboot with a front opening design for ease of fitting ov…

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CBRN Overboots

A chemically protective anti-static overboot with an ambidextrous quick-don design.

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Kemblok™ Gloves

Manufactured using a seven-layer chemical barrier laminate material, Kemblok™ gloves prov…

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