Chemical Drum Bag

  • Heavy duty gas-tight zip around three sides of the bag for ease of access
  • Positioning straps to assist with placement of the bag over the drum (N.B. they are not to be used for lifting/moving the bag when full)
  • Manufactured with a Chemprotex™ X shell, which provides excellent protection against a broad range of chemicals
  • Provides a physical barrier to particulate, liquid, vapour and gas materials
  • Antistatic - Conductive strip on base provides path to ground
  • Durable material with double skinned base for abrasion protection
  • For use with a chemical filter with a RD40x1/7” thread (supplied separately) allowing vapours/gasses to safely vent out of the bag and preventing a buildup of pressure
  • Shut off cap over filter port prevents outflow from the bag during handling when no filter is required
  • Durable, lightweight material for ease of transport, handling and storage
  • Seven year maintenance free shelf-life, maximum shelf life 10 years
  • Internal gas-tightness pressure test to ISO 17491-1:2012 Method 2 conducted prior to despatch to confirm the bag is gas-tight


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